User Interface – Visualisation Board

User Interface – Visualisation Board

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The User Interface of Visualisation Tool is situated to the right of the CREATIF browser window under the Visualisation Board button. The Controls are within the red lined area. It contains all the necessary interactive user tools to:
1) Change User defined names of smart Elements;
2) Create and delete Conditions;
3) Set and/or modify Condition triggers – e.g. a timer or sensor’s range;
4) Set up a single Action;
5) Setup and modify Action Sequences.
6) Save Action Sequences of each Condition defining a specific Element’s behaviour.


Finally, when all the Elements’ behaviour are defined, the user can visually check them together by using the button Visualisation in the Translate design menu.

Elements triggered by the proximity sensor range are visually represented by proximity to the mouse cursor.

Visualisation Mode is explained in section 17 of this guide.
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