Upload design to CREATIF cloud and translate to Printed Laye

Upload design to CREATIF cloud and translate to Printed Laye

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This section will explain in details how to upload the design prepar


To get a design prepared in AI using the AI Add-On to the CREATIF Cloud the user has to log in and from CREATIF Menu -> Design Manager -> Upload button select the name of the design to upload. As the birthday_cake design is already uploaded the CREATIF cloud it appears in the list with user designs. The user has to select the name of the design and press the Open button.


The uploaded design appears in CREATIF software with its elements (Electroluminescent and/or Thermo Chromic) as they were created in the drawing tool and ground and signal tabs added to each element. By default the system attaches the ground tab of each element to its lowest point and the signal tab – to the highest point of the element.


After the design is uploaded and opened in the CREATIF cloud the designers need to add connectors and optionally other standard smart elements. In this particular case a standard proximity sensor PS Square 100 and an eight pin connector are added as red arrows show on the picture above.


The design has to be checked against the Rules Database for consistency. In this design the user has placed ground and signal tabs of the middle candle flame too close to each other. When the error is selected (the error is displayed in orange) the error is also highlighted on the design canvas. This error can simply be fixed by moving one of the elements’ tabs in order to allow distance to the other tab.


When the conflicting tabs are moved the error disappears. Placement of the other element’s tabs are also changed in order to get a better design appearance.
Once the designer is happy with the design, the smart elements and their tabs and the verification against the rules database replies that there are no errors in the design, it is ready for Auto Routing. By pressing the button Generate Tracks in the Auto Routing tab of the Functional board the design is auto routed and the result of the sample design is shown below.


Normally, the designer will not be fully happy with the result of the Auto Routing algorithm initial result. Conductive tracks in the design will require manual adjustment in order to achieve placement in respect to the background picture. Manual adjustments of Conductive Tracks are explained in detail in section 7.3.1. Editing Conductive Tracks.


The above picture shows the edited Conductive tracks of the design. The background picture in the above image is hidden from Functional Board -> Printed layers -> View Background.
When the background picture is made visible, conductive tracks placement makes sense as shown on the image below.


Once the designer is finished editing conductive tracks the design is ready to be translated into printed layers. From Functional Board -> Printed Layers Tab ->
button the design is translated into Printed Layers and the picture below shows the resulting layers as they will be printed on the fabric.


The sample design used in this guide has 8 printed layers.
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