Printed Layers User Interface

Printed Layers User Interface

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The picture below shows the Layers presentation user interface

After the initial start of the Printed layers engine with the
button the list is populated with the nine layers. User can see the design with all the printed layers simultaneously or hide and show certain layers with the help of the buttons
.All layers can be shown or hidden by pressing the corresponding button to the right of the button “Layers”.
Each separate layer has Colored Square in front of its name which indicates how it is presented on the canvas and can be made visible or hidden by simply clicking its name. The image below illustrates the printed layers of a sample design visualised sequentially:


The image below shows the Levels representation of Printed layers. Each layer is printed different ink. Printing of CREATIF smart fabrics can be in up to seven levels of ink on top of each other.


This view of printed layers gives to the user the ability to view physical levels of printed layers as they will appear on the fabric.
Different types of element need different number of printed layers for their functionality.
In this view users can show or hide the whole level or single printed layers within the level.
The picture below shows the same sample design step by step, visualised level by level.
Level 1 always contains only the Interface Layer.
Level 2 always contains only the Bottom Conductor layer.
But physically Level 3 can contain more than one layer depending on the smart elements used in the design. For Conductive Tracks and Proximity Sensor elements, Level 3 contains the Encapsulation Layer. For EL Elements it contains the Dielectric layer. For Piezo Electric Elements it contains the Piezoelectric Layer. For Thermo Chromic elements it contains the Thermo Chromic Layer.
In the same way Level 4 and Level 5 can contain different ink layers depending on the element type that is being printed.
Level 6 always contains the Transparent Conductor Layer if Electroluminescent elements are used in the design.
Level 7 only contains the Encapsulation Layer.

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