Error Messages List

Error Messages List

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Users can select more than one Design Rules check box or all of them and check the design for all possible errors in the rules database.

The Translate Design menu -> Check Rules button automatically opens Functional Board in Design Rules tab and checks for all types of errors listing them in the Error Messages.

All errors appear in the table with Error Messages. By selecting, one by one, the listed errors and by fixing them, the user can again press the Check Rules button and see if the number of errors in the list is reduced and continue fixing until there are no errors in the design.

After that is achieved the user can proceed further with Auto Routing the design and fixing the conductive tracks positions, adding bridges where Auto Routing cannot automatically place conductive tracks and smoothing the conductive track shapes.

Once the design is error free and conductive tracks placement satisfies the user, layering the design into printed layers can occur.
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