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This User Guide is intended for users of the CREATIF software package. It covers the functionality and usage of the Adobe Illustrator Add-On and the Collaborative Drawing and Design in the Cloud Tool; Adobe Illustrator users can take advantage of the Adobe Illustrator Add-On through their CREATIF account and resources. This consists of the CREATIF elements library, allowing the ability to upload and download designs to the CREATIF cloud and precisely adjust the CREATIF elements placeholders. Users of other drawing packages can still use the Collaborative Drawing & Design in the Cloud Tool with their CREATIF account. Such users can create the background graphical image part of the design in their usual drawing package. Then they can upload the design to the CREATIF cloud, add and modify smart elements over the background image and proceed to translation, visualisation and finally printing the entire design.
The structure of this user guide is intended to pass through all steps of the creation of a design with the CREATIF smart elements. This starts from the design idea through to smart element placement and modification, setting their behaviour and operation to visualisation and final printout.
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