Edit Connectivity

Edit Connectivity

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Edit connectivity button is situated in Functional Board -> Auto Routing tab. When the user selects that button, a table with all the design connections is displayed below the button. The same sample design is used to explain Edit Connectivity functionality. By means of the Connectivity table the user can reorder the whole design and achieve greater optimisation.
The Connectivity table has two columns.
• Element Tab - All Element tabs in the design are listed in this column.
• Connect To – Corresponding Elements tab connections.
• Connect To Drop Down – Possible connections for the corresponding Element Tab.

With the
control the user can show and hide Element tabs and connector pins numbering. This numbering is generated by the Auto Route algorithm and does not represent the automatically assigned Elements names. Elements names are assigned sequentially when elements are added to the design.

Each row in the table represents a single connection design. I.e. the row Proxi_Sensor_01_SIG | CNCTR_01_PIN1 means that the signal tab of Proximity Sensor 1 is connected to the first connector pin number 1.

Two tables are shown on the picture. In the first table Elements have their automatically given names. In the second table Electroluminescent Elements are given user names. Even for such a simple design it is very difficult to understand which Element corresponds to the name in the table.


Although Elements become red when hovering over the Element Tab rows in the Connectivity table, it is still hard to remember how all connections should be ordered. Renaming Elements with user names gives users the ability to simply recognise Elements and simplifies connectivity editing.

To explain that process we will edit the connectivity so that the top Electroluminescent Element is connected to the connector and the bottom and middle Elements are connected successively to the top Element.


The following changes have to be made:
EL_Top_SIG tab needs to connect to CNCTR_01_PIN2
EL_Middle_SIG tab needs to connect to EL_Top_SIG
EL_Bottom_SIG tab needs to connect to EL_Middle_SIG
When a cell from Connect To column in the table is selected it opens a drop down list of possible connections. The user selects the desired connection and it becomes selected in the cell. To finish the reconnections in the table the user has to press the "Apply Connectivity" button.

The software verifies if all connections in the design are consistent after being edited.

If there are errors in the edited connectivity the following message appears and the designer has to check again what has been changed and then fix it.


If all connections are consistent after editing, the design is rerouted and the user can see the changes made to the table in the design.


Reconnect Pins and Connect Elements functions can be also achieved using only the Edit Connectivity table and Apply Connectivity.

Using the Edit Connectivity function might seem a little difficult in the beginning, but it provides the best way of reconnecting a complex design.
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