Visualisation Mode

Visualisation Mode

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Visualisation Mode allows designers to get an impression of the whole design which is animated to show the interactivity between Elements and their set behaviour. Visualisation mode can be started in two ways. By selecting from the menu Translate Design -> Visualisation menu item or by pressing the play button in the top commands row. Each Element in the design starts operating as set in the Condition Action Sequences.


The picture above shows a screen capture of a design in Visualisation mode. For a better impression in this mode all user interface Elements in CREATIF software are hidden and the design is displayed in the scale ‘Fit To Screen’. The design on the image has seven Electroluminescent lamps set to blink at different frequencies and with different intensities as seen on the example which is not animated.


The proximities to Proximity Sensors that are used in a design as triggers to specific Conditions is represented in Visualisation Mode as proximity to the mouse cursor.

The example above shows the design, two states of its visualisation and the Condition Action Sequences of the two Electroluminescent Elements.

EL_Lumin_01 (the right one) is set to glow with intensity of 50% when Proxi_Sensor_01 reads “touch”. The result can be seen in the Visualisation 1 section. The mouse cursor is in the “touch” proximity of Proxi_Sensor_01, EL_Lumin_01 glows with 50% intensity and EL_Lumin_02 is turned off.

EL_Lumin_02 (the left one) is set to glow with intensity of 100% when Proxi_Sensor_02 reads “25%”. The result can be seen in the Visualisation 2 section. Mouse cursor is in the “25%” proximity of Proxi_Sensor_02, EL_Lumin_02 glows with 100% intensity and EL_Lumin_01 is turned off.


To improve the visualisation and make the process of conductive track reconfiguration easier, a fade tool can be used.
Fade Background button can be found in the Drawing Board Tools section.

With its help the whole background layer can be faded (in the range 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% - fully visible) to achieve better contrast with all types of smart Element.
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