Spiral Speaker Elements Behaviour

Spiral Speaker Elements Behaviour

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The picture above shows a sample “Triple_Spiral_Speaker” Spiral Speaker Element having one Condition set.

The Condition is triggered by touching the Proxi_Sensor_01. The Spiral Speaker will play for 100 seconds with the volume at 10%, then for 100 seconds with the volume set to 50% and then for the next 24 hours with the volume set to 100%, if the Condition is still active.

The CREATIF software only controls the triggering of Spiral Speaker Elements and their volume. The sound which is played will be controlled externally by the user via an mp3 player or alternative sound source connected to the CREATIF electronics.

The Visualisation software Add-On gives the ability to select an audio file in MP3 file format and assign it to the Spiral Speaker element. This is done by simply dragging and dropping the audio file to the
area to the right of the condition. The audio file is uploaded. When the design is started in Visualisation Mode and the Spiral Speaker condition is triggered the audio file is played through the PC speakers to give the designer the impression of how the design will function in reality.
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